Problems and adventures during the explorations

During the voyage, they had to face lots of problems to continue with the trip and they had many adventures too.
These are some of their problems and adventures:

1 Calculations

Many of thier calculations were wrong and they did not have a cartographer most of the times, which caused them many problems to orientate properly.

2 Food

They ate cookies but the cookies had tiny black beetles which they taped before eating the biscuits. They did not have enough food and they had to stop in Cape Verde( in the African Coast ) and other lands and islands. Some times, the crew had to eat rats which prowled around in the holds of the boats of the expedition. However, a big part of the crew died because of this lack of food.

3 Scurvy

When they were in the boats of the voyage, most of the crew died because they did not eat enough fresh fruit and vegetables and potable water. This caused deseases like scurvy. Scurvy is a illness that occurs when a person does not eat fruit or vegetables, which contain vitamin C. The lack of this vitamin causes the loss of teeth, spots in the skin... Scurvy was very common during the voyages and trips at the sea when pirates, sailors or explorers could not have fresh fruit or vegetables because they spent their life at the sea and maybe they could not reach land in all the occasions that they wanted to.

4 Battle of Mactan

external image Moluccas_in_Indonesia.png
external image Moluccas_in_Indonesia.png
Ferdinand Magellan died in the Philippines because he was killed by the native indians ( the inhabitants of the Philippines ) of the Philippines, in the Battle of Mactan. The Battle of Mactan
external image _865662_moluccas150.gif
external image _865662_moluccas150.gif
happened in the year 1521. When the expedition arrived to the Philippines, they wanted to make these isles territories of the Crown of Castile, in the Iberian Peninsula and thereby change the religion of the Philippines' people. The people of Magellan's expedition wanted to conquer the isles but the Philippines' people did not want to and so they fought against the conquistadors and some men died, incluiding Ferdinad Magellan. The Philippines' people did not want themselves to convert into christians, either. At this point, Juan Sebastian Elcano got incharge of the expedition and the men and the ships which were left and continued with the expedition ( the cicumnavigation of the world ). After sailing for some time, the crew and the rest of the men with the ship that was left, landed in the Moluccas, or Spices Land and then sailed back to the Crown of Castile.

5 Ships or boats ( carracks or naos and caravel)

Only 3 boats of the expedition reached the Atlantic Ocean. The boat Santiago got lost in the American Coast and the boat San Antonio deserted when the expedition crossed the Strait of Magellan.

They could continue the expedition but the boat Trinidad was caught by the Portuguese and drowned. The boat Concepcion was burnt down by the explorers themselves. Eventually, only the boat Victoria, captained by Juan Sebastian Elcano, survived to the whole voyage.

6 Weather

The weather was terrible for the expedition and due to the climatic conditions, some of the ships were damaged and many people of the crew died because of the extreme conditions that the expedition went through. The weather caused irreparable damage in the ships that abandoned the expedition and delayed it for months because the expedition had to stop for the winter. Most of this was due to the currents at seas nad oceans. However, the weather in the Pacific Ocean was not so terrible, so that is why it received this name.
It was really difficult to circumnavigate the Earth in these conditions but however, the 18 men who survived could and finished the voyage